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BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY! is a movie about typical life-stories of German musicians with the example of the band of the same name. The 35mm Dolby SR film shows the ups and downs of the band in dramatic and tragicomic scenes

From 1986 to 1992 the six musicians played so-called Independent Music meaning that they were autonomous and not under control by the big commercial record labels. The music takes us from the late phases of melodic punk rock to exhilarating "indie-rap"!

Songs played in the rehearsal room and at f our gigs in Krefeld, Hamburg and Berlin were recorded in "Dolby Stereo SR" to blow the roof o the cinema. "Get lost in music! And we only hope that the plaster doe not come down.... “

Exactly what is Independent Music? How do musicians live? Why don' they have electricity in the rehearsal room? Why are they able to receive "Radio Moscow" on their active bass speaker and are banned fro playing live? Why is a vocalist sent to prison for contempt?

At night the band walks through deserted, endlessly deep streets somewhere at the edge of the galaxy. How do musicians, living in a small German town, feel? They tell their life stories on streets with out beginning or end until the stories turn into music: in the rehearsal room, during gigs, and in the musicians' apartments. Each lyric adds to the issue dealt with before.

The film starts with the band coming back from an open-air gig in Berlin. It is dawn when the musicians eventually climb sleepily out of their clunker. When the lead singer returns the borrowed car, drops the car keys into a letter box, writes "Thanx" on it with white chalk, and disappears into the sewers of a shopping street, one thing becomes clear immediately: this movie will bring us to another dimension: life in the night.

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