Logline: War blinds the heart


A naval vessel accidentally discovers a huge shell-like probe at the deepest point of the Pacific Ocean during a routine operation in the near future. The probe from an ancient, female, alien force creates a giant crescent-shaped gap in the middle of the water. John Murphy, a hardened, pill-popping Pentagon general (e.g. Christopher Walken or Harvey Keitel), is assigned to investigate and analyze this mysterious sea shell, observed by another Pentagon General with a smart, devilish character (e.g. Donald Sutherland). Murphy calls upon Adam Jones, a tormented communications specialist (e.g. Matt Damon), and Connie McDonald (e.g. Carrie-Anne Moss), a troubled, tough-talking fighter pilot, to aid him in this operation.

After an unexpected skirmish in the air with terrorists while recovering the probe, Connie is disciplined by Murphy, who begins a remarkable transformation into a savage and unpredictable authoritarian. Adam, locked up inside a Pentagon bunker lab, faces the difficult task of studying the probe under Murphy's intense scrutiny. Connie is now grounded and has also been assigned to watch Adam to her chagrin.

The shell-like probe is then accidentally activated underneath the Pentagon, causing a giant half-moon shaped gap in the earth and a cataclysmic series of events. Adam discovers the probe's peaceful purpose and returns with Connie to the now rubble-laden bunker system to retrieve it. Murphy, however, has different plans and turns the situation into a personal vendetta.

The moon gap unexpectedly closes, restoring the area and the missing people to their original states. In an effort to cover this up from the media, the Pentagon spins the events, claiming them to be the result of a new technology they have developed. This causes an international crisis and, more importantly, an interesting political power play between the White House and the Pentagon.

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